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We serve a great God, therefore we must offer service that reflects His greatness at every time. When we come to His presence we must come with all humility and reference that is commensurate to His greatness. Nobody dares to appear before an earthly king in an unkempt manner; we therefore should endeavour to get better in our service to God. We must offer only the best of our lives & service to God continually, relentlessly each day / week/ month/ year, seeing it as a privilege to offer our best unto the Lord.
In this season of reasonable service, it implies that we must consciously and willingly offer our best to God, both spiritually and physically. John 4:24 says: "God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him MUST worship Him in spirit and in truth”. We often quote 1Sam 16:7 "...for man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart". However 1Kings 8: 18-19 and 1Chron 22:8 revealed that God did not allow David to build a house for Him, even though it was a noble task and it was in David's heart to do so, why? His handshad shed blood.
Reasonable Service unto the Lord must involve our heads, our hearts and our hands, so as we come before the Lord at this convention, let us be ready to serve our God in body and in spirit. Rom 12: 1-3 begs us to present our bodies as living sacrifice(service for the Lord), in a manner that is good, acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
The big question to you and I is this: Is your presence before the Lord at this Convention reasonable (by God's standard), are you transformed by the renewing of your mind, what are the thoughts of your mind, are you here with a ready heart to meet with the Lord or for sight-seeing, is your heart humbled to receive instructions and corrections from the Lord?
Reasonable Service is about serving God with your reasoning, intellect, capacity, capabilities, and strength; asking ourselves, if this the BEST that I can give to my Lord and Saviour, at this position that I found myself; either in the Church as a Minister, Teacher, Chorister, Usher, Church official, Sexton, Driver etc. or a professional in the secular sphere as a Medical doctor, Accountant, Scientist, Mathematician, Artist etc.
We are God's representatives and we should serve Him in all spheres of our lives bringing Glory and honour to Him; as it was said of David "he served his own generation by the will of God" Acts 13:36.
It is time to make up your mind that your services in this great house will not be a waste, you will not offer to God offering that will be rejected (Gen 4:5). You will not bring to God left-overs or sacrifice that dishonours the greatness of our God. Mal 1:6-8
It is time for you to rebuild the altar of God in your life and offer unto the Lord sacrifice of sweet smelling savour, doing your service as unto the Lord in the church and in secular world.
As you come to this year's convention, I beseech you by the mercies of God that you settle down with the Lord to receive instructions / corrections and humble yourself before Him to obtain MERCY and find GRACE to help in times like this.
Welcome to Convention 2017.
Welcome to reasonable living!
Welcome to reasonable service!
God bless you!!!

22 YEARS OF GREAT THEMES: 1996 -2017

  1. 1996 From Glory to Glory
  2. 1997 Manifestation of His Glory
  3. 1998 Celebration of His Presence
  4. 1999 Revive Thy Works The Revival We Need
  5. 2000 Thy Kingdom Come
  6. 2001 The Glorious Church Birthing the glorious church
  7. 2002 The Supernatural
  8. 2003 Breaking Up The fallow Ground
  9. 2004 Bring Me A New Cruse
  10. 2005 Pressing Towards The Mark
  11. 2006 More Than Conquerors
  12. 2007 Walking In Divine Greatness
  13. 2008 This is The Work of God
  14. 2009 Riding on High Places
  15. 2010 A Living and Acceptable Sacrifice
  16. 2011 Built on The Rock
  17. 2012 God’s Pattern
  18. 2013 Abiding Faith Living By Faith
  19. 2014 Good works The Good Work of Faith
  20. 2015 Maturing Unto Sonship Labouring as a Son
  21. 2016 Vessels of Holiness and Honour
  22. 2017 Reasonable Service