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The Mandate


From a humble beginning in 1995 and through many years in the “wilderness” of bringing forth, the name of the Lord be praised for sustaining the work thus far. Of a truth, the heavenly vision of revival and the heartbeat of God to raise a Godly generation have found a sure and timeless expression through the mandate and vision of The African Church Evangelical Fellowship (Students/Non-Students).

The mandate came as a clear instruction to the pioneers after 30days of Fasting and daily Vigils at the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro. The heaven ushered the vision into a season of activation with a sure word to “Raise an army with a vision of revival”. This was backed with Isa 58 vs 12, assuring that He shall raise the mandate as the “repairer of the breach” to “build the old waste places” and “to raise the foundation of many generations”.

Blessed be the Lord that irrespective of the challenges, pain and frustrations of the days of little beginning; the good Lord has graciously created a path of timeless relevance for the work at the fullness of the dispensation of His timing according to His good pleasure.

The fellowship continues to pursue this divine assignment through the campus outreach (TACESF) and church-based (TACEF), and they both co-exist to disciple and groom a generation of Godly students and adults who are conformed to the image of Christ and live each day to advance the purpose of God in their generation and to promote the evangelical thrust of The African Church.

We bless Him for the various opportunities He has granted the mandate to be a vehicle of reaching many lives for His purpose. Testimonies abound of many transforming experiences of Salvation, Rededication, Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, Miracles, Healings, Breakthroughs etc. It is a humbling time to live in and to see the manifestations of God in divers manner and in an augmented scale, as the Lord pours the finishing unction upon the church to fulfill the gracious work that our Lord and Saviour completed at Calvary over 2,000years ago. We are truly humbled of the Lord to be beneficiaries of the fulfillment of these last day’s prophecies.

  1. TACEF is not an association, society or an ordinary group, it is a heavenly calling.
  2. TACEF is not a man’s agenda but a clear mandate from the Lord which has evolved step-by-step through divine instructions, as each stage and phase of the calling will remain birthed in the place of waiting, fasting and trusting the Lord of the Harvest.
  3. TACEF is an all-inclusive gathering of children, youths and adults (students and non-students), learning and growing under the tutelage of the Spirit of God.
  4. TACEF remains committed to the pursuit of revival in The African church and is therefore administratively aligned to the Evangelical Committee of the church.

As we enter a strategic time in God’s agenda for this end-time, it is imperative for every TACEFite to re-evaluate his or her personal conviction of this heavenly assignment and come to a place of a renewed drive to reinvest our heart, time, energy, finances and other resources on the core of the vision, especially in the midst of distractions happening here and there. This is a time for every man to be fully persuaded, lest we get encumbered pursuing men’s agenda.

It also time to continue to abide in the calling wherein we were called (1 Cor 7 vs 20) and pursue the distinct path that the Lord has set for us, even as we continue to press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Phil 3 vs 13-14)

We believe that The African Church is at the threshold of a great revival in the dispensation of God, and as the hand of the Lord is stretched forth; we are more convinced that nothing can draw it back.

In conclusion, TACEF’s prayers and pursuit will continue to be the promotion of the purpose of God in The African Church. We shall continue in prayers and ministry of the word; as we trust the Lord for a season of total spiritual awakening. We trust the Lord that in all of our local churches, the Word of God will take pre-eminence and the Spirit of the Lord will dominate. We believe the Lord for a rekindled passion for the dying souls out there and a renewed pursuit of holiness without which no man shall see the Lord.

God bless The African Church and expand the mandate to “raise an army with a vision of revival”.



Raising an army with a vision of revival through focussed discipleship, spiritual development and inspirational leadership to groom a generation of Godly youths and adults who are conformed to the image of Christ and live each day to promote the purpose of God in The African Church and advance the cause of Evangelism to the World . A ministry committed to discipleship, prayer and the ministry of the Word; under total leading of the Holy Spirit. We see the prophesy of the last day Outpouring of God’s Spirit fulfilled in our generation. ( Hab 2 vs 14, Joel 2 vs 27-29)



Through focused discipleship, spiritual development and inspirational leadership to groom a generation of Godly youths and adults who are conformed to the image of Christ and live each day to promote the purpose of God in The African Church and advance the cause of Evangelism to the World .

We shall be an example of believers , live by the undiluted Word of God, uphold holiness, earnestly contend for the faith and yield totally to the direction of the Holy Ghost in all things


The Pioneers (priviledged and ever humbled by the Grace of God)

Tacef Arms

To be a TACEF member you must be born-again, spirit-filled and be ready to be tutored by the Spirit under the leadership of the mandated. As a reasonable TACEFite, you must be an active and functional local fellowship member, attending all sub-zone, zonal and national programmes, while making impact as an agent of revival in your local church or on campus. You must belong to a subgroup and be responsible and accountable unto the Lord in a faithful path of discipleship and service.
It is now compulsory for every TACEFite who wants to go into ministry to go through a preliminary review and ongoing mentoring programme before the formal registration at the College of Theology.
Those in full-time ministry must also do annual self-evaluation check-up on their service and walk with God through an annual assessment programme. For more details, please engage the Men on The Altar, Ven Taiwo Anjuwon 08034767720, Rev Canon Wale Adelani 08062484353
You can now spend your free time, weekends, short/long holiday, pre-NYSC and even a dedicated period to serve the fellowship, either through programme planning, campus/fellowship visitation, logistics, administration, converts follow-up calls, event execution, project management and secretarial management. The ministry now runs a volunteer service model for everyone who wants to invest their spare time in the great house. You can register if interested and you will be required to attend a special TACEF Volunteers/Partners Retreat to learn what it means to serve God in TACEF, practical knowledge in leadership, ambassadorship, financial reporting, event management, planning, etiquette etc. If you are interested, engage Bro Isaiah Ajayi on Text Bro 08030531881
TACEF has a Mothers Fellowship, a gathering of labouring intercessors who labour for this vision. You can be a part or introduce some mummies at your local fellowship. Please engage the leaders via these numbers - 08032018462, 08136688994, , 08068402909.
TACEF Academy is an extension of our vision which allows the fellowship to disciple through educational outreach at family/home level. You can be a part of it as a teacher or you can promote it to your families and friends to register their wards. Read more at or engage Bro Lekan on 08068333605
Visit the Tacef Academy Site on this link
Are you a TACEF professional, a final year student, on NYSC or budding/aspiring entrepreneur? Are you seeking career mentoring, professional networking and business development through capacity building and experience sharing with individuals who can support your growth in godly ways? Then you need to be a part of TACEF Professionals and also becomes TACEF Ambassador.Please call Bro Deola on 08136412026 for more information 0803223748
CCCMT are TACEF generals on the field who visit our campuses and local fellowships and also support the evangelical effort of the vision through mission outreaches to farthest places. The run on volunteers basis and if you are a true disciple of reasonable service, you can be of service as a campus visitor, trainer, intercessor and even a short-term driver. You may want to know more by engaging Bro Jide on 07033810173
In TACEF, you don't go and propose to a sister no matter the spirit that is leading you and neither does a sister propose to a brother until you have followed a simple process of verification and accountability.
In TACEF, we don't date or do let-me-try-this-out for a while. We believe in divine leading, Godly courtship, cost-effective/stress-less marriage, spiritual/physical marriage preparation and post-marriage ongoing mentoring. Do ask the Marriage committee in your Zone or engage Rev Canon Wale Adelani 08062484353 for more details send details of payment; Name, Amount paid and Phone Number to 08032018462